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Your girls breast friend! Make your outfit perfect with the support and shaping of a bra, but not bothered by the cutting and visible straps. Sexy and confident out the door, this is what we want!

High quality elastic boob tape

 Easy to apply

 Make your outfit perfect

 Feel sexy and confident

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How to apply boob tape? Check out different boob tape techniques here

Got a great outfit but your bra is visible? We've detailed each boob tape technique in a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to apply boob tape. Check out the options below to make your outfit perfect.

Boob tape application step-by-step plan

Boob tape application for different outfits

You have a particular outfit, for example one with a deep cleavage, and you want to know the best way to tape it? Then you've come to the right place. The tape techniques you can use are described for each outfit. Read below how to apply boob tape per type of outfit, to make your outfit perfect

Boob tape application per outfit

All the benefits of Easy Boob Tape

No visible bra straps

Because you apply the tape only over your breasts and it is virtually invisible under your clothing, you have no visible straps over your shoulders and on your back

Firm and beautifully shaped breasts

You can apply as many strips of tape as you want for extra firmness. In addition, you can also shape your breasts exactly as you wish

Make your outfit perfect

With Easy Boob Tape, you no longer suffer from visible bra straps, but beautifully shaped breasts with a seamless finish that makes your outfit perfect

Feeling confident

Beautiful breasts = self-assurance. Do we need to say more? See for yourself and experience

Easy to apply

Read the step-by-step plan of how to apply the tape here, so you can easily apply and remove it

Additional support

Easy Boob Tape helps lift and support your breasts for when you don't want to wear a bra

Reviews over Easy Boob Tape


"I am very happy with the tape! For a party, I wore a strapless dress and below it I wore the tape. Despite my small cup size, I managed to get cleavage! I (and others around me ;)) really like it! I will definitely use this more often!!!"


"What a nice product! A friend of mine always uses this tape and I got to use this tape from her for a night out. How incredibly nice, because it does give strength but you couldn't see a bra closure on my back. Truly an invention!"


"I have quite large breasts, so I wasn't sure if the tape would give enough support. I applied the 'strapless style' and this worked perfectly! Despite my fuller cup size, too tape offered enough support! Very helpful also the descriptions of the tape techniques on the site. This helped me a lot."