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Easy Boob Tape was created after I - Ilja Kwant - started working at my father's company - Msys B.V. - after completing my Masters at Wageningen University. The team at Msys B.V. consists of medical professionals working on technical developments. They have also been selling EasyTape, an elastic sports tape used by physical therapists, for many years.

I myself found wearing a bra uncomfortable because of the cutting and visible straps. It always made me feel trapped and uncomfortable. Therefore, the first thing I did when I got home was to take off my bra. I asked around to friends and family in my area and often I got a similar response from them about the disadvantages of wearing a bra. Personally, it is very important to me to feel comfortable and walk out the door feeling confident. It is also very important to me that other women feel fine. I started researching alternatives and came across boob tape. This was very similar to the Easy Tape product. With my knowledge gained during my studies on business processes, consumer behavior and entrepreneurship combined with my passion for sustainable fashion, I thought it would be a fun challenge to transform Easy Tape into boob tape with the necessary modifications. Combine Easy Tape and boob tape together and voila: Easy Boob Tape.

Wearing Easy Boob Tape makes me (and hopefully you) feel great because it's comfortable, it does provide the support I'm used to from a bra, but I don't have any visible straps. As a result, my outfit looks perfect time after time. Check this page to see which tape technique you can best apply to which outfit so that your outfit will also be perfect, so that you feel good!

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