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Boob tape to go with an off-shoulder outfit

Boob tape is ideal for an off-shoulder outfit. After all, with an off-shoulder outfit, you don't want bra straps visible. When you apply boob tape horizontally (that is, from left to right), you do get a lot of support and shaping, but you don't see bra straps that you would normally see when wearing a bra. The following tape techniques are suitable for an off-shoulder outfit:

✓ Strapless tape technique

✓ Crossed tape technique

✓ Subtle lift tape technique

Strapless tape technique with an off-shoulder outfit

The strapless tape technique is perfect for an off-shoulder outfit where the top of the top or dress is slightly higher. With this technique, you create a lot of support and you can press your breasts together as much as you want. The tighter you pull the tape, the more your breasts will be pressed together.

Check out the step-by-step guide of how to apply the strapless tape technique on this page.

Crossed tape technique on an off-shoulder outfit

The crossed tape technique is suitable for with an off-shoulder outfit. When the top of your top is cut a little deeper, this tape technique is perfect. With this tape technique, you kind of create a cross, which reduces the area between the middle of your breasts. This gives you a deeper inseam compared to the strapless tape technique. If your top or dress is cut deeper, then we recommend this tape technique.

Check out the step-by-step process of applying the crossed tape technique on this page.

The subtle lift tape technique for an off-shoulder outfit

The subtle lift tape technique with an off-shoulder outfit is recommended when you want / need little support and want to create as natural an effect as possible. This is because you can't apply the tape too high up on your sternum, because then the tape will be visible. By applying this tape technique under an off-shoulder top or dress, you create a minimal lift effect where your nipples do not show through.

Check out the step-by-step plan for applying the subtle lift tape technique on this page.

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